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A hypnosis session like no other – where you answer your own questions directly from your Higher Self.

I’m proud to offer an amazing opportunity for you to connect with your Higher Self. The part of you that knows all the answers. The part of you that knows why you’re here, what your relationships mean, and how to heal the struggles you’re going through. 

It’s also the part that can answer simple curiosity questions. Got questions about the cosmos? About aliens? Your past lives? About Atlantis or Lemuria? It knows that, too. Want to know about your health? You’ll find out. Want to heal from something that you haven’t been able to heal before? It’s possible. 

This unique hypnosis experience typically lasts 4-6 hours. Don’t worry – you won’t “be under” that long! You are welcome to bring a snack with you, as we will take a few minutes break halfway through. 

We’ll start with a long, introductory interview, where we will go over all of the questions you have for your Higher Self. After this, you’ll be guided into theta state – the somnambulistic state. That’s the part right before you fall asleep, and right as you’re waking up – the part that has access to the dreams and reality. Typically this lasts only a split second, and you will be able to stay here for much longer than that. From here, we will contact your Higher Self, and get you as many of your lifelong questions answered as we can. The cool thing about it is that I will ask your questions, and you will answer them, as your Higher Self! 

You’ll wake up feeling awesome, and often feel like you’re more complete. It’s a really special state to be in. Depending on the specific questions you ask your higher self, you may get specific instructions on your next steps in life, a specific dietary regimen, how to mend relationships, what steps to take with your health, answers about past lives, and even how to let go of things that are no longer serving you. 

Due to the delicate nature of this form of hypnotherapy, this can only be offered in person in Santa Fe, NM, or Portland, OR. If you prefer I come to you, we can discuss this – send me a message on the contact page or email me.

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