Are you tired of hustling away without getting the results you want?

You’ve made it to 6 figures, but you feel like you still don’t have enough money.

You feel anxiety every time you look at your bank account. You feel pressured to do everything by yourself. You try to be patient, and hope things will work out, but when when the numbers aren’t where they should be, you begin to lose your patience and drive.

Does that sound familiar?

I get it. It feels suffocating, and draining.

You’ve lost your sense of creativity. And with that, your willpower.

And most importantly, you want to make it to surplus income, but you don’t know how to get there without hustling.

Imagine if you were able to get to surplus and begin stacking wealth, with ease and grace.

You’re able to take that family vacation without blinking an eye

You’re able to pay off your new luxury car in full

You can finally pay your back taxes!!

Your mortgage will vanish

And student loans? What student loans?

And you can begin to feel like the 1%.

Oh yes, it’s possible!

The reality is that the life you are craving is closer than you think. If you could shift focus onto what’s working, and learn how to dissolve the roadblocks that are standing in your way, you become so much closer to living in the state of abundance all the time.

You can have more energy to do the things you love to do, and let your creativity come out rather than be suppressed doing mundane tasks that keep your life force down.

I want to introduce you to…

The Pathway to Peace and Prosperity

12 months to lasting success, sealing up financial leaks, and creating an income you love

Where together, we’ll work to get you living in a state of abundance, all the time. Here I will help you “change your mind,” so that you are only doing things that actually benefit you, rather than the things that hold you down.

And we will be looking at the subtle energetics that are influencing you behind-the-scenes, and help you balance your energy so you are in the flow for good.

You’ll be able to learn why no matter how hard you’ve tried before, things haven’t shifted for you, and you’ll learn how to make sure you live with peace and prosperity for the rest of your life.

Here are all the cool things

  • You’ll be able to uncover the money blocks keeping you from earning the income you deserve.
  • You’ll know the little known reasons why you put off paying bills, and how to pay them off — and never worry about paying them off again.
  • You’ll be able to look at your bank accounts with excitement, instead of fear
  • You’ll discover the unknown secrets as to what’s causing this to attract to you, and how to shift your energetic dynamic to become a magnet for exactly what you want
  • Best of all, you’ll learn how to attract more money without the extra hustle or stress, with more free time on your hands
  • Stresses and worries about money will fall away
  • You’ll be able to do this with more energy and peak performance, without the lull that can slow you down
  • You’ll be able to do what you love all the time, not just some of the time

You’ll be guided along every step of the way

During our 12 months together, we will be alternating between mindset work and energetics work. You will learn where you’re not in sync with your money flow, and learn and practice the tools needed in order to get yourself to stable, consistent, reliable income for good.

Sometimes, there will be exercises to practice on your own time in order to strengthen results. These will be quick, if and when they are necessary.

This model is unique in that you won’t have to do much more than that. You’ll learn how to tap into the flow of things, so that you can have a ton of energy to get back to what you love doing.

You’ll learn how to set better boundaries, so that you aren’t wasting your time, energy, or money doing things you don’t like to do.

And your income flow will change forever!

Your money story can change forever.

Right here. Right now.

There are two big reasons your money isn’t where you want it to be. The first, is your mindset. Your mind controls all your actions and decisions, so it’s time you learned how to stop telling yourself you don’t have enough money, and learn how to attract more money with your thoughts.

The second is the energetics piece. If your energy is misaligned, or if there are blocks hindering your way to success, it won’t matter how much mindset work you do, you won’t get there on your own. Or maybe you will, if you wait twenty years or more, with a lot more struggle and a lot more bills to pay off.

Together, we will work to reprogram your mind so that it’s always on your side, and working for you, not against you. And we will ensure your energy is clear, bright, and super charged so you can have all the energy you need in order to get what you want in your life – including the ability to attract wealth, surplus, and begin to finally be able to stack your wealth for good.

You’ll get one session with me, every two weeks, for the year – that’s 24 sessions. The total investment for our time together is $8,500.

Do you really have another 10 years to wait for your income to sort itself out on its own?

How many hundreds of thousands of dollars are you missing out on because of that? How much time will you waste trying to figure it out on your own? How much longer do you want to live this tight lifestyle?

The truth is, we all need help in different areas of our lives. When we can team up and work together on the money issues, you’ll be able to eliminate debt for good, and be able to attract steady, consistent income on a regular basis.

You can try those shorter programs that exist, but the truth is, you won’t get lasting results with those. It will be a waste of time, money, and energy.

Even if you get a boost in income with the shorter programs, it’s likely the results will be temporary, and the same problem will repeat. Once you earn more money, if your mindset and energetics stays the same, you’ll end up spending the same proportion of money. Sure, you’ll have more money coming in, but you’ll also have more money going out.

That’s why it’s best to join The Pathway to Peace and Prosperity, because here we combine both the energetics portion and the mindset work – the complete package, so you’ll never have to worry about where money will come from ever again.

Hey, I’m Katie!

I created this program because I was just like you… a stressed out, workaholic, who always had more money out than coming in. After years of being stressed out, I ended up working myself sick – which set me back even further. It took years to get back on my feet – quite literally, and many more years to learn how to permanently shift my money situation completely.

It took a steep learning curve, and decades of study, implementation, and perfection for me to design this program to help you finally get to where you want to be with your money, and then some.

I’ve studied and mastered the secrets responsible for the energetic component of healing for more than a decade, learning tools and techniques that are able to bust through all mental resistance, and ensure what you want is what you’re able to attain with the least amount of force. In short, I help make it easy for you to live a easier, more relaxed life with more money!

This program is great for you if…

  • You feel driven to make a change
  • You’re overworked and underpaid
  • You’re ready to live in abundance and surplus
  • You are ready to make a long term commitment with yourself, and with me
  • You realize that this work takes time, and what’s most important is progress
  • You’re ready to unlock your creativity
  • You want to have more energy
  • You’re ready to be in the flow of money so you can start stacking your wealth

And might not be a great fit if you…

  • Aren’t ready to take charge of your life
  • Want to keep blaming others for your financial woes
  • Aren’t ready for a long-term commitment to yourself
  • Do not believe you can change anything about your life
  • Are not ready to look at the deeper meanings behind this, including suppressed thoughts and emotions that may be guiding your behaviors more than you think
  • Want instant results
  • You want investment tips, business strategy, or estate or tax planning. I ain’t no financial advisor.

You’ll have everything you need to….

  • Attract the money you deserve
  • Get out of struggle, stress, and debt
  • Be able to catch the blind spots with your spending
  • Seal up the gaps in your wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

Why 12 months?

I chose 12 months because this gives us time to go really deep, and explore on a high level what’s causing these money problems to surface, and run on repeat. You won’t get that in a group program, or a shorter program.

It also gives your body a chance to catch up with your mind. Clearing these patterns takes time and effort, and often comes with many layers. In 12 months, we will have plenty of time to address these, whereas in a shorter program, you may clear one or two layers, and do well for a while, but the next time something pops up, you’ll be left to fend for yourself. And neither of us want that!

What results can I expect?

Results vary because income goals vary, but overall, you’ll be able to attract more money, and be able to hold onto it. No more of this feeling scattered, depleted, or exhausted. No more unexpected bills. No more chasing the carrot sticks or feeling let down because you manifested the money and it all left. None of that.

Just smooth, income coming in, and a boost in energy, drive, and motivation. Many clients report feeling more relaxed and passionate about life. Even physiological and medical symptoms have reduced or gone away!

Why don’t you offer payment plans?

I’d love to. I really would. The tricky part about payment plans is that as soon as any fear or resistance come up, some people are ready to back out of the program.

This is absolutely the worst thing to do when working with money beliefs – because this enforces the old habit. It helps to reinforce that you can’t afford it, and you were right that you couldn’t afford it in the first place.

This plays in BIG to the money story, which we are working so hard to shift, so it wouldn’t be in your best interest for me to allow this as your coach.

But, it pays off in the long run – because it means I will stay committed to you, 1000% !

Is Katie a financial advisor?

No, and thank goodness! Her gifts are in mindset work and working with energetics. That said, she does not offer financial advice. Katie will help you figure everything out on your own, without pressure, and learn how to manage and master your energetics so you’re always attracting what you want with your money. Think, quantum leaps.

What sort of training does Katie have?

Great question! Katie has highly developed intuitive gifts and continues to perfect them under guided supervision with some of the most advanced healing practitioners of our time.

She holds certifications as a Master NLP Practitioner, Seraphim Blueprint Healing, Violet Alchemy Purification, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Master Akashic Records Practitioner, and more. Suffice to say, she has a knack for the things going on behind the scenes.

Where can I learn more information?

Great question! Feel free to schedule a call with me here, where we can talk more in depth about your concerns and questions. Or, if you’re ready to apply, click here!